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devil and flagIf you’ve been wondering where have The Devil  & Gandhi been….. well, they’ve been on Tapastic! You can check out some of the latest “daily” format comic strips here: http://tapastic.com/series/DevilandGandhi and full page episodes will be coming back soon, including another crossover episode with Holidaze Comics.  And speaking of Holidaze… have you supported their Kickstarter campaign yet? You should, because every dollar you commit to Holidaze will go to a starving child in need.  Or, maybe not. Maybe you will exchange your money for a printed, 140 page collected comic book! Either way, right?



The Double-Cross(Over) [Page 6]

Devil and Gandhi

Well, leave it to Mr. Defazio to swoop in and pick up the hot chicks, right? He’s kind of old and gross for those two, but he does “own”(?) or run an apartment building. Who knows? Anyway, so ends the 6-page installment of the Devil & Gandhi / Holidaze Crossover.  I hope you enjoyed it. The Devil thought he was getting away with something buying that so-called gift for Gandhi, but in the end, Gandhi had a way of turning things around, thus the double-cross in this crossover event.

So, now Dave and Andrew get to take over. They are hard at work on a Free Comic Book Day comic, so the Devil & Gandhi Crossover Event will be stretching out over most of 2015, so stay tuned to here and to www.holidazecomics.com.

I’ll be posting pages 4-6 as Part 2 of The Double-Cross(Over) on Tapastic, and  I may even post all 6 pages on one webpage for easier viewing.  Hope you enjoyed!

The Double-Cross(Over) [Page 5]

Devil and Gandhi

Page 5, just one more page to go!  This isn’t the same hot tub party The Devil left the other day.  What are swans doing there? And is that Cupid and Dracula from Holidaze?! Tune in on Friday to see what exactly is going on and see who is getting cross and who is getting “double-crossed” in this double-cross-over!

The Double-Cross(Over) [Page 2]


A Priest, a Rabbi, and Mohandas Gandhi walk into a bar….  Not quite, but close. Gandhi wasn’t going to let a crude Snowman stop him from finding out where Devil has been spending time. But he probably didn’t expect to run into such a peculiar cast of characters in the bar known as Holidaze.

holidaze_charactersClick on the link above to see the cast of regulars Dave Dellecese and Andrew Cieslinski have dreamed up for Holidaze. If you want to see an brilliant page of mythical icon cameo appearances, be sure to pick up Issue #1 of Holidaze at Comixology, you won’t regret it.

As for this page, I chose to borrow St. Paddy, Chester the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Cupid. You may also recognize a certain macabre poet who has met with Devil & Gandhi previously. Is Holidaze on Baker St. in London? No, I don’t think so, so another character is a bit out of place here.  And who is that hairy guy on the left? Let’s just say it’s best not to use the bathroom after he’s been in there.

Where is this episode going? Chill out! Another page is coming up this Friday. Gandhi will get to the bottom of Devil’s newly found profession.


The Double-Cross(Over)

Devil and Gandhi

Welcome back, everybody! I am pleased, excited, and downright proud to present to you the Season 3 premiere episode of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi. You’ve waited long enough, it’s time to kick off the start of the comic crossover event of 2015.

Holidaze Crossover

If you haven’t yet been to visit Holidaze, run, don’t walk! Check out www.holidazecomic.com and follow Dave and Andrew on all of their social media accounts. You won’t regret it.  And for the first 6 pages of Season 3 of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi, our two old chums will be visiting with the fine folks of Holidaze. Many thanks to Dave and Andrew for letting me borrow some of their characters.  And guess what? In the future, Dave and Andrew get to borrow Devil and Gandhi, and I cannot wait to see what happens. Tune in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and next to see what happens in my 6-page installment of the Devil & Gandhi / Holidaze Crossover Event!

Happy New Year 2015

Devil and Gandhi New YearHappy New Year from the entire staff: management, crew, migrant workers, outsourced labor, and unpaid interns of Ink Puddle Enterprises and The Devil & Mr. Gandhi comic! It’s been an exciting year. The Devil and Gandhi had their Issue #1 supersized up to regular comic format, Issue #2 was published, and both made it to the Small Press Expo (SPX). We’ve swapped some awesome art with fellow comickers, and most importantly… we’ve survived! Yippee!

2015 is literally, figuratively, and ironically just around the corner.  Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of Season 3, including a Crossover Event with fine folks over at Holidaze Comics! Expect more adventures, more merchandise, and more mayhem. See you next year!

Holidaze Comics

Until our crossover comics go live, check out Dave and Andrew at www.holidazecomic.com

Happy New Year!

Me as a kid


Guest Art by Vince Dorse

Devil and Gandhi

Check out this awesome, movie-inspired, Devil & Gandhi art from Vince Dorse!  I have made plenty of movie and TV references in my comic, so I am always pleased when fellow creators pick up on that and are willing to put my characters into Silver Screen scenarios. If you don’t see the movie reference right away, try Googling the phrase Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. And if you don’t know who Vince Dorse is, you are missing out. A full-time illustrator, Vince is the creator of the all-ages comic Untold Tales of Bigfoot. It’s the story of a lonely Bigfoot and the friends he has made over the years. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Check it out.

Since I am such a fan of Untold Tales of Bigfoot, I decided to trade-off with Vince some Bigfoot fan art I made. Here it is below. I went with classic “reversal” with my art. At first I envisioned having the image of the front of Untold Tales of Vince Dorse showing Vince in a shower cap in the shower. Then I thought that would be weird. And more difficult to draw. So, I went with Photoshopping some photos. Hope you enjoy.



Devil and Gandhi

Part 1

Devil and Gandhi

Part 2

 As I end this comic with Santa Claus calling a child an asshole, I am reminded that not all comic readers share my penchant for the crude, the vulgar, and the downright inappropriate. So, to counterbalance my love of all things uncouth, I present to you below my piece of fan art for the really wonderful all-ages comic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot. Vince Dorse (check out his website HERE) is a full-time illustrator, who happens to make comics when he isn’t illustrating pieces for his clients. It is in my opinion that having the skills to be a full-time illustrator, however, does not mean that you will be a skilled and talented comic creator. But Vince is! If you want a lesson in character development, flashbacks, laying out panels and pages, hints on coloring, you should check out Untold Tales of Bigfoot. The beauty is also that Vince lets everyone take a peek at his process. He will post his process of sketches and inks and colors, some unused elements in his comic. Take notes people! That is why I took extra time to make my version of Bigfoot and Scout. I wanted to do the characters and the comic justice. Hope I succeeded.



Vince has been kind enough to draw his take on my characters, The Devil & Mr. Gandhi, so check out http://www.untoldtalesofbigfoot.com to see what he came up with. Thanks for the chance to exchange art, Vince!