The Double-Cross(Over) [Page 6]

Devil and Gandhi

Well, leave it to Mr. Defazio to swoop in and pick up the hot chicks, right? He’s kind of old and gross for those two, but he does “own”(?) or run an apartment building. Who knows? Anyway, so ends the 6-page installment of the Devil & Gandhi / Holidaze Crossover.  I hope you enjoyed it. The Devil thought he was getting away with something buying that so-called gift for Gandhi, but in the end, Gandhi had a way of turning things around, thus the double-cross in this crossover event.

So, now Dave and Andrew get to take over. They are hard at work on a Free Comic Book Day comic, so the Devil & Gandhi Crossover Event will be stretching out over most of 2015, so stay tuned to here and to

I’ll be posting pages 4-6 as Part 2 of The Double-Cross(Over) on Tapastic, and  I may even post all 6 pages on one webpage for easier viewing.  Hope you enjoyed!

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