The Double-Cross(Over)

Devil and Gandhi

Welcome back, everybody! I am pleased, excited, and downright proud to present to you the Season 3 premiere episode of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi. You’ve waited long enough, it’s time to kick off the start of the comic crossover event of 2015.

Holidaze Crossover

If you haven’t yet been to visit Holidaze, run, don’t walk! Check out and follow Dave and Andrew on all of their social media accounts. You won’t regret it.  And for the first 6 pages of Season 3 of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi, our two old chums will be visiting with the fine folks of Holidaze. Many thanks to Dave and Andrew for letting me borrow some of their characters.  And guess what? In the future, Dave and Andrew get to borrow Devil and Gandhi, and I cannot wait to see what happens. Tune in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and next to see what happens in my 6-page installment of the Devil & Gandhi / Holidaze Crossover Event!

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