Happy New Year 2015

Devil and Gandhi New YearHappy New Year from the entire staff: management, crew, migrant workers, outsourced labor, and unpaid interns of Ink Puddle Enterprises and The Devil & Mr. Gandhi comic! It’s been an exciting year. The Devil and Gandhi had their Issue #1 supersized up to regular comic format, Issue #2 was published, and both made it to the Small Press Expo (SPX). We’ve swapped some awesome art with fellow comickers, and most importantly… we’ve survived! Yippee!

2015 is literally, figuratively, and ironically just around the corner.  Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of Season 3, including a Crossover Event with fine folks over at Holidaze Comics! Expect more adventures, more merchandise, and more mayhem. See you next year!

Holidaze Comics

Until our crossover comics go live, check out Dave and Andrew at www.holidazecomic.com

Happy New Year!

Me as a kid


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