Addendum – James Kersey

From James KerseyFrom the twisted mind of James Kersey comes… Devil & Gandhi: TNG.

Just when I thought I may have to re-cycle my older episodes of D&G again and again while I am on hiatus, like a never ending loop of Hogan’s Heroes, I get this email from James Kersey. You may know Jim as the creator of Oversimplified and The Amok Bros. He also happens to be an early-adopter of Devil & Gandhi v1.0. I can vouch for myself that I have seen every single episode Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I have never seen this episode. But if only! I would like to think that I planted the seed of this illustration during a Twitter conversation I had with Jim, wherein I sang the praises of Muppet Babies and pointed him to a clip of Baby Rowlf as Worf. We were also discussing Pigs In Space! But clearly, only Jim could have imagined this one. Thank you, sir!

Muppet Babies

Check out Jim’s stuff by clicking on the images below. You will be able to feel Jim’s mash-up illustration on real actual paper once I start laying out Issue #3 of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi.The Amok BrosOversimplified