Interlude – Tim Green Art!

Art by Tim Green

It is very apropos that just before I post the next page of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi which will feature a special guest appearance from a character from the Vinnie the Vampire comic strip by Tim Green that I post this Devil & Gandhi art from TIM GREEN!

If you are reading this post, I am sure you are already familiar with Tim and Vinnie, and you probably already know that he is one of the most nice, helpful, and supportive comic creators out there. He has a joke ready at hand for every RT, thank you, and website comment. It is an honor to post this picture. Not only do I appreciate Tim’s own spin on my characters, but I am feeling a Bert & Ernie vibe from this scene, which means that Tim 100% gets what I am doing with my comic. Thanks again, Tim!

Check out Vinnie the Vampire and stop back here in a couple of days to see who shows up in the latest episode of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi!

Vinnie the Vampire


  1. Great write up Pat! Tim really is a great guy with a wonderfully morbid sense of humor! 😉

    • Indeed! My challenge will be to bring that morbid sense of humor to my strip when a “Guest Star” from VTV stops by.

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