Season 2 “The Con”

The Devil and Gandhi

We’re back! It’s time for Chapter 2? Season 2? The Devil and Mr. Gandhi 2.0, 2014 edition? Not sure, but either way, this is the first new adventure of The Devil and Mr. Gandhi for 2014, with plenty more to come.  You might notice that there is no punchline in this strip or segment, no resolution, no real problem that is explicitly delineated, right? Well, there is a reason. I was hoping to put out this comic on a weekly basis, and make it FULLCOLOR! But I am not a good colorist.  I find it difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming, in part because I still use a mouse and PC, and not a tablet. I also thought that to keep myself motivated and keep the tweets rolling along, I might try a new schedule of putting out a whole page piecemeal, dropping one row of panels every couple of days and then posting the whole thing later. Still not sure I know what I am doing here, though, so bear with me.

I originally intended to post this comic hot on the heels of attending SPX in the Fall, but the Fall was quite busy and the Winter even more so, so here we are. In a pleasingly odd twist, posting this comic in February has added an element to making this comic funny (I hope).  Tune in soon for parts 2 and 3 of this episode entitled “The Con.”



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