Episode 13 “Vicious Circle”

Episode 13 Vicious Circle

Episode 13! A Devilishly appropriate number of episodes to end/begin this circularly illogical comic about an equally illogical pair of characters known as The Devil & Mr. Gandhi.  So, if this comic is an intro to Episode 1, what comes next? Well, I am not sure, but I can safely say that The Devil & Mr. Gandhi will not look the same as you see it here.

The next time you see The Devil & Mr. Gandhi it will be in the form of a 16-page floppy comic that will debut at SPX (Small Press Expo) in September.  After that, this comic will go in one of three directions: 1) A one page a week edition of the continuing adventures of our lovable duo (in color) OR  2) a 3-panel daily cartoon strip format (again once a week and in glorious full-color) OR 3) it will disappear into the mists of forgotten comics. The primary goal of this project was to focus on doing a regularly published strip that would result in a paper printed comic, and I will be reaching that goal soon.  Now it’s time to think about moving on, perhaps trying my hand at action/adventure or some of kind of more dramatic (perhaps long-form) narrative.  Still in comic form, of course, but I have to tell you, coming up with jokes is hard!

If I don’t see you at SPX, I will post a link on how you can get a paper copy of the collected edition of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi. Thanks for all the posts, tweets, RTs, and any form of spreading the word!


  1. Hey Pat, nice cameo. Couldn’t resist drawing yourself, huh? I like the way this story line circles back on itself, I like the cameo, but most of all I like that little rat peeking around the corner in panel 4. Cute! If I can make it to SPX I’ll stop by your table to say hi! -v

    • No table for me, I’m going GANGSTA! Not selling either, just giving paper copies of D&G away and trying not to spend my life’s savings on other people’s books. Thanks again for your comments and RTs over these 13 episodes. Hopefully soon I’ll be joining the Full-Color Club!

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