Episode 12 “Foul Ball”

Episode 12 Foul Ball

You may or may not get the jokes (references) in this episode.  If you don’t, you might be too young to fully appreciate it.  As for the “current events” aspect, take it or leave it. I think it fits since The Devil and Gandhi are on their Summer vacation road trip, and going to a baseball game makes sense.  It just so happens that there are some shenanigans going on with our national pastime.  I am also trying to establish that no matter what subject pops up in this comic, no matter how mundane or controversial, philosophical or pedestrian, Devil and Gandhi are in a sense a comedy team.  Grand philosophical statements will always lose to a quick punchline, and that’s the way it should be…in comics anyway.


    • Well, The Devil can’t always be kid-friendly, but he can play it clean every once in a while (unlike some professional baseball players!).

    • I still enjoy watching the movie monster Abbott and Costello movies around Halloween. Great stuff!

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