Interruption “Devil Art”

I know it was just last week that I skipped out on The Devil & Mr. Gandhi, but life is what it is, and I can’t always stay up late making comics for you people, so give me a break!  Anyway, since I can’t draw the Devil for you, I thought I would show you two awesome examples of devilishly good art.  The first is awesome art of the stars of our show, made by Adam Pilkington.  I told this story for episode 1, but here it is again: Adam was celebrating his X,000th follower and awarded me by offering to draw me something.  I told him that I was considering resurrecting The Devil & Mr. Gandhi and maybe his art would jump-start the rebirth.  And it worked!  If this webcomic goes anywhere, it will owe a debt of gratitude and inspiration to Adam.

Art by Adam PilkingtonYou can catch Adam’s stuff at and follow him at @Giantplaidmonk.

As for the second depiction of The Devil.  In a bit of “paying it forward” I awarded Kyle Ferrin, a Twitter follower of @DevilandGandhi, an art commission.  I told him to draw the Devil, no holds barred, no strings attached.  I did request that he be in a suit, however.  Here is what he sent me.

Art by Kyle FerrinPretty awesome, right?  Reminds me of the art of Mike Mignola.  You can catch Kyle’s work at and follow him on Twitter at @d20plusmodifier.  Thanks, Kyle!

Have a great weekend, everybody!



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