Episode 11 “Grand Canyon”

Episode 11 Grand Canyon

Last week I substituted a planned page of “The Devil & Mr. Gandhi” with an “Interlude” page, not connected with the overall series of the first 10 episodes.  This was kind of a cop-out.  I had started penciling a page, but I didn’t like exactly how it was going, and I felt it was rushed.  The page, which I will probably post at some point in time, showed Devil and Gandhi at various adventures on their road trip in the form of a grouping of postcards.  Now I am glad I did not post it, because now I get to do at least 2 posts on their road trip and show what happens in multiple panels.  You’re seeing one adventure–their trip to the Grand Canyon.  Where will they go next?  Tune in to see.


  1. I like what you did with minimalism, Pat. Those few lines describing the tops of some rock formations in the distance gets the point across splendidly without mucking up the page with too many lines. Nice job. And yeah, mostly I built this entire comment around my need to type the word “splendidly.”

    • Thanks, Vince! I think putting some thin background lines to “suggest” the Grand Canyon freed me up to put down some heavier lines and rock details for the foreground rock face. I try to remind myself of the basic rules of 3, too: 1) Foreground 2) Subject/Focus 3) Background and also trying to incorporate “3” different line or stroke widths. I can tell when I have ignored those rules, and I don’t like looking at those comics!

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