Interlude “The Message”

A Walk in the Park

It’s probably not a good sign that day I had a great Twitter conversation about the positives and negatives of doing either 1, 2, or 3 strips a week and whether they should be in full-color, limited palette, or B&W is the same day I have a bit of comic-creator’s-block and don’t feel confident enough in the page I am working on to finish and publish it.

But there is a reason why I have kept some comics in my sequential art stash, and now I get to spend some of my graphic capital, and not feel totally pressured or guilty about not posting a new, original piece.  So, for the next week or so as I take a mini-vacation and try to endure this unendurable heat, you may see 1 or more “interludes” whereby I give you the same devious devil and great-soul’d Gandhi, but from a while back.  Hope you enjoy and stick around for brand new episodes coming soon!


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