Episode 10 “The Big Apple”

Episode 10 The Big Apple

Episode 10, boy how the time flies.  I debated on whether or not to make the NYC focus about two ludicrous politicians who are tempting fate once more, but I just couldn’t resist.  And don’t get me wrong, I am not making any big moralistic judgement on “those two” or what they did.  I just always imagine that deals with the Devil never turn out quite the way you want them to.  And the idea of someone potentially becoming a repeat customer, and going back willingly for another inevitable ironic twist to what you bargained for seems very silly to me.  Take it or leave it, as you wish.

My tentative plans for the near future are to publish episodes 11 and 12, then post some fill-in posts while I am away with my lovely girlfriend on a mini-vacation, then I will post episode 13.  I am thinking of calling the collected issue “The Devil’s Dozen,” which will really feature a Devilish Baker’s Dozen (13) plus some extra pages of commentary and maybe some thumbnail art.  And I plan on giving copies away at The Small Press Expo in September.  I will continue with an episode 14 and maybe 15 by the time I get to SPX, and then I will see what happens.


    • Politicians like to “press the flesh” and The Devil likes to “pitchfork the flesh.” Either way, there’s plenty of flesh.

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