Episode 7 “The Revolution”

Episode 7 - The Revolution

Usually my attempts to be timely in terms of a comic’s relationship to current events or a specific day or event fall miserably short of expectations.  But I got a lot of good feedback from my heat wave episode of “The Cliche” (it happens to be hot as all getout through most of the country) so I thought I would go with my gut and garb The Devil in some 18th-century pantaloons and frilly cuffs and take it to 1776 to get a glimpse of the first Independence Day.  At first I was going to make The Devil talk about how he has “contracts” with people like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, but I went with slapstick comedy instead.  Hope you enjoy.  Is it interesting that it will be published on the 4th of July? Maybe, maybe not.  Is it interesting that this is being published while the unrest in Egypt takes place? Who knows?!  The point is, having a piss bucket dumped on someone is just plain old fun.

On a side note, this is episode or webisode #7, which means I have passed the halfway point of having either 12 or a devilish 13 episodes to print in a collected issue of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi to give out at The Small Press Expo!  What is The Small Press Expo, you might ask?  Well, check it out here.

The Small Press Expo (SPX)

The Small Press Expo (SPX)

I’ll be there.  Let me know if you’re going, too.


  1. Congratulations, Pat, on weaving this nation’s fight for independence so seamlessly into the fabric of a joke about Ghandi getting a face-full of urine. Timely? Thought-provoking? Politically robust? All of this and more. -v

    • I am blushing and giggling like a schoolgirl at your words, sir. Of course, I am cosplaying as Sailor Moon at the moment, but I appreciate the kind words nonetheless.

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