Episode 6 “The Cliche”

Episode 6 - The Cliche

It has been hot, hot, hot in the city of brotherly love of late.  And although there is truth in the statement that the humidity level greatly affects how hot a day may truly “feel,” I have to tell you, if I hear one more person mention how it’s the humidity and not the heat in the elevator at my work, I may just have to punch someone in the face.  And of course, this heat wave theme gave me an excuse to both feature our friend The Devil in both a snazzy Hawaiian shirt as well as his BVD tighty-whities.  Yes, The Devil wears BVDs.

Zombie Boy Comics


    • Glad you’re enjoying it! Despite the Devil’s abilities to bring the dead back to life and summon sexy She-Demons, he is oddly selective in the use of his powers…much to Gandhi’s chagrin.

  1. All around, top to bottom, loved this one. Doing the Darth Vader voice while talking into the fan — brilliant! And the heat/humidity thing played out nicely too. Good one! -v

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