Episode 2 “The Plunge”

The Devil and Mr. Gandhi

Hello, Devil Worshipers & Gandhi Groupies!  This comic is the landmark “sophomore” comic for this burgeoning webcomic.  This was truly a hurdle and a milestone.  Sure, I “said” I was going to make this an ongoing webcomic, updated Tuesdays and Thursday, but until I actually got the second comic under my belt and on time, I really wasn’t sure if this whole webcomic thing was going to work out.  Thankfully, with some coffee and Guinness and determination, I got it done, and here it is.  Enjoy!

Episode 2 – In Episode 1 you figured out that for some reason Gandhi and The Devil are living together in an apartment, and there was going to be some trouble coming up with rent money.  But now what has become of the Landlord and Super Mr. DeFazio? And just what kind of hotel will The Devil & Gandhi be running?


  1. You just made my day, no wait, month, no…YEAR! Now let’s have a moment of silence for Mr. Norman Fell.

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