Episode 1 “In Medias Res”

The Devil and Mr. Gandhi

Okay, ladies and germs, this is it.  You may have seen some of the other comics I posted, but this is the official, “hard opening” first comic of The Devil and Mr. Gandhi.  I will post some even earlier carnations of this comic strip to give you an idea of how long this concept has been percolating in my brain.  Why now, you might ask?  Well, besides getting a little “long in the tooth,” I also happened to find a Twitter friend by the name of Adam Pilkington, one half of the brilliant webcomic Crosstown [CHECK IT OUT!].

Adam happened to reach a Twitter follower milestone and offered to make me a fan art / commission of some kind.  I told him to check out my Devil and Gandhi comics and to do something on that, half-promising to reboot my attempt to make it an actual webcomic.  Well, lookee what he done made!  It’s God-damned brilliant.  I was giggling like school girl looking at it. I felt compelled to make the comic now.

Art by Adam Pilkington


I was so inspired by the art that I incorporated (at least some of) it into my first strip.  So, thanks Adam, and thanks to anyone else who stops by the webcomic.  I will need to foot-up-ass motivation some time to time, and I will be playing around with the art style, format, and length until I get into a good rhythm.  Hope you stick around to see more!

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