Road to the White House Pg. 6

Devil and Gandhi

So, what do we have here? Dick Cheney? A shotgun blast to the face? So, what, gun control rights.  Blackface? Oh, boy, we’re getting into race politics? Lots going on here at The Devil & Mr. Gandhi.

In case there is any doubt about the matter, the creator of this comic is very much for strong(er) gun control laws and very much against the use of blackface in all its incarnations. Maybe I will write some brilliant progressive liberal manifesto in which I elucidate all my views on equality…. or not. Hope you’re enjoying Season 3 of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi. Stay tuned for more!

Road to the White House Pg. 3

Devil and Gandhi

So, Trump has won the Republican candidacy, and instead of thanking his ol’ buddy, his ol’ pal Devil, he snubs him! Well, that had Devil steaming under the collar to be sure.  He is more upset about it than you might think.  And in his hour of crisis, his hour of need, Gandhi attacks him? What’s going on? Just because Devil wants to take a trip to the Riviera? Oh, wait, you say that Devil does not actually say “THE” Riviera? There may be some other Riviera? You are a more intelligent and perspicacious audience than I previously thought! Well done! Stay tuned to see where Devil is going.

Road to the White House Pg. 1

Road to the White House Page 1

Welcome back! I’m talking to myself, not you, dear audience. Welcome back, me. You’ve been away for far too long. Where have you been? Why are your writing to yourself like this? Oh,  don’t mind me.

It’s the totally non-climactic return of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi! No color, not even halftoning, just black and white ink and letters. To be honest, I feel like I need to crank out pages for this 2016 Election-themed comic if I want to publish it before Election Day, which means no time to color.  So, look for more and faster updates, but all in black and white. Wish me luck, and tune in often to see how The Devil & Mr. Gandhi make out on The Road to the White House.


My Renewed Determination (Guest Strip by James Kersey)

For your enjoyment, I present to you a guest strip by the indomitable James Kersey.

James Kersey takes over my comic

I can’t quite explain how appreciative I am regarding guest strips from other creators. This comic strip, in its printed form, the new daily format, what I post on Tapastic, never would have happened if I didn’t not receive an awesome piece of “reward” art.  You can read more about that HERE.  I’ve been in a rut of sorts since devoting so much time and effort for the Holidaze / Devil & Gandhi crossover issue and this guest strip by Jim not only made my day, it truly re-inspired me to get back to work doing daily strips and full-page runs for a new issue as well. Thanks, Jim!

You can see more of Jim’s artwork on Twitter, at his website, and order cool prints and other merchandise on Society6.

A Dose of Daily Comics

devil and flagIf you’ve been wondering where have The Devil  & Gandhi been….. well, they’ve been on Tapastic! You can check out some of the latest “daily” format comic strips here: and full page episodes will be coming back soon, including another crossover episode with Holidaze Comics.  And speaking of Holidaze… have you supported their Kickstarter campaign yet? You should, because every dollar you commit to Holidaze will go to a starving child in need.  Or, maybe not. Maybe you will exchange your money for a printed, 140 page collected comic book! Either way, right?



The Double-Cross(Over) [Page 6]

Devil and Gandhi

Well, leave it to Mr. Defazio to swoop in and pick up the hot chicks, right? He’s kind of old and gross for those two, but he does “own”(?) or run an apartment building. Who knows? Anyway, so ends the 6-page installment of the Devil & Gandhi / Holidaze Crossover.  I hope you enjoyed it. The Devil thought he was getting away with something buying that so-called gift for Gandhi, but in the end, Gandhi had a way of turning things around, thus the double-cross in this crossover event.

So, now Dave and Andrew get to take over. They are hard at work on a Free Comic Book Day comic, so the Devil & Gandhi Crossover Event will be stretching out over most of 2015, so stay tuned to here and to

I’ll be posting pages 4-6 as Part 2 of The Double-Cross(Over) on Tapastic, and  I may even post all 6 pages on one webpage for easier viewing.  Hope you enjoyed!